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An Attempt to Distill a Life Perspective to its Essence…

Most spiritual teachers have developed a ‘trademark’ that synthesizes their teachings, approaches and tools to ‘awakening’… like “The Work” – by Byron Katie, “The Power of Now” – by Eckhart Tolle, “The Word” – by Paul Selig, and “The Course” – by ACIM among many others…

I haven’t reach such a level of ‘marketing’, yet… but the idea of “The Stance” is similar to that.

Stance: a short, simple, almost humble word… however, its simplicity and elegance says everything about our presence, our being-ness and how we live our life. With a clear and unambiguous vibration, the word Stance can in an instant, at any moment, remind us of all the aspects of ‘ourselves’, at once… and make us realize how we are. So what is our Stance exactly?

Body Posture & Position

The way we physically stand, walk, sit, run, lay, dance, sleep, play, relax and how we are being perceived in 3D… the ‘body language’ as some say. This body tells a story about us… and can also help us change that story.

Attitudes & Behaviors

How we represent ourselves, our gestures, the way we dress and put make-up… how we interact, react, respond, care and share with the world… our routines, rituals and addictions. More added to our story.

Opinions & Beliefs

Shifting into our internal worlds, conscious or not, the drive for our actions, reactions, perceptions, understandings of the world. A step further into the backscene of your physical being. And our plot thickens.

Hopes, Dreams & Fears

Deeper (or higher ?) in our internal world, there is a secret Garden (or so we think) of ‘things’ we seldom share with the outside… Tending to this Garden is crucial because these ‘things’, good, bad or neutral, shape and mold our trajectory.

Awareness & Introspection

This is how conscious we are about all those former aspects and literally, how much we know about our Stance. Introspection is a tool used to expand our awareness and to eventually become fully conscious.

Roots & Foundations

Where we were born, our upbringing, our family, culture, society, friends… both our grounding and our doom. Like a tree, we need deep roots to reach high towards the Sun… such an inspiring image for our Stance.

In the now, this very second, and from moment to moment, your Stance is your story: the sum of all you’ve been through, all that you’ve become, who you think you are, and where you expect and dream to go. And in this very moment, you can choose to truly become the author of your story, to be your own authority… instead of letting the past, circumstances, and people write it for you. It all depends on your Stance.

Like a tree, you have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no teacher but your own soul.

– Swami Vivekananda –


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