Life & Nature

As much as interacting with human beings often times seems easier and less cryptic than learning from our natural environment, I really believe that the whole world is my best teacher. And so it is for us all. Nothing in life is either insignificant or superfluous; each moment is a teaching moment, if we are ready for it, if we choose to see it. Our life is the perfect reflection of who we are. How could it be otherwise? And for those who have chosen to keep their link with Nature, trust that her Book contains everything there is for us to know and experience: beauty, ruthlessness, innovation, geometry, interconnectedness, rhythms, ingenuity, beingness… and death.

Jaylee & Paul G. Balch

I’ve been ‘studying’ with Paul & Jaylee since 2010. I met them during an ‘Energetic Anatomy of a Yogi‘ workshop held in Montreal (my lovely wife had booked it for me). I was at a point in my life where I had really neglected spirituality in favor of succeeding in the ‘normal’ world ; and I needed to re-balance my priorities. ‘Studying’ is a big word as working with Paul & Jaylee is more of a synergistic exchange, where everyone grows from the interaction. This encounter re-aligned my life’s focus, bringing me back to a curiosity about the world that I had neglected for too long. Together, Jaylee & Paul are an unmatched mix of kindness and discipline, knowledge and intuition, laughter and wisdom that makes their teachings unique and accessible to anyone. I have to say that beyond materialistic success, working with them has definitely helped me to set a clear vision for a new trajectory in this life. And even in these chaotic times, every day now unfolds more easily and gracefully than ever before, bringing me new and exciting opportunities for growth.

Family & Friends

Some say that we are the sum of the five people (or maybe ten, I’m not sure) we are the closest to, and we spend the most time with. For most of us, this group includes family members and friends. While I don’t agree that we are only the ‘sum’ of these individuals, I do know that close family members and/or friends represent some our best opportunities for change, and growth… if we also allow them to change, if we allow ourselves to see them with a new pair of eyes, from moment to moment. No one wants to be put ‘in a box’, to be painted as a single portrait. So let’s strive to not limit anyone (including ourselves), but especially those we cherish and love the most.

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