Play on Stance


All these things that happen on the outside, at the periphery… your Stance is at the center, in the ‘eye of the storm’ where everything is calm and serene.

Circumstances don’t matter, only state of mind matters

– Bashar –


In electronics, a resistance slows down the movement of electrons (current) and produces heat… spiritually, it is no different than insistence.

What you resist, persists!

– Carl Jung –


La substantifique moelle de Rabelais… veuillez m’excuser pour l’image un peu crue de jarrets de veaux.

Substance is enduring, form is ephemeral.

– Dee Hock –


There is only here and now. Space, like time, is a construct used by us in the materialized world to experience ‘linearity’.

Time is the longest distance between two places

– Tennessee Wiliams –


Still thinking about it…


And about that one too…


I need to ponder on this one… it is precious.

At least for me, a lot of good things in my life have been that kind of Stance

– Will Bacon –
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