The first step…

New year, new resolution(s)… it feels like have been around that block too many times not to be well aware of how these things play out. As my wife was asking me during our first jog together this year “have you taken any resolutions for 2021, sweetie? “, I replied that I’m now making resolution every day ; it’s much easier to achieve (while achievement is never the goal) and keeps me in the present.

So here I’m taking a first step… starting with this post, my first post ever… on this new website that I put together casually over the seemingly never ending months of this pandemic. For some people, maybe like me, the first step is the most difficult one. We’re plagued with doubt, indecision, perfectionism and get easily caught in our internal world of ideas, ideals and dreams. Others make their first step in any direction without thinking, almost compulsively, as if this was the only way they can learn and grow… they have no fear, or so it seems to people like me. I did envy them as much as I did judge them, for getting into new experiences without hesitation or reflection. But as with many things, balance, the mid-way, can offer the best of both perspectives.

So here I am, after years (if not decades) of entertaining a deep desire to build a window for others to take peek into my brain, my heart, my soul, my view of the world… but without ever taking action. What has changed is that I don’t really care how people perceive me anymore, I just want to do it for myself now, as way to self-reflect and disengage ; a bit like writing morning pages if you know what that is. The sharing is because the blog might entertain, revolt, help, challenge or maybe even inspire others. Another channel opened to probe and poke at my illusion.

I’ve taken this first step and now realize that it was nothing. I had only limitations imposed on myself, by myself… the second step should be as easy, or not… we shall see. But regular posting is now part of the actionable potentials of my daily resolutions. That’s pretty cool I think. I’ve opened and allowed myself to be more, to explore more… and also got rid of previous limitations in the process.

So whatever you might be thinking of, take the first step… you never know what could be happening next.

2 thoughts on “The first step…

  1. Thank you Laurent! Bravo on your first step, looking forward to many more 🙂

    1. Laurent Garrigues

      Thank you Galen, I’ll keep building, adding content and enhancing as I go. This is kinda fun as long as I’m taking it too seriously… any feedback is always much appreciated.

      Talk to you soon,

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