Our differences…

Like most of us to different degrees, I have had first hand experiences of those differences between us, human beings. More than often, these differences are a source of division as we usually feel threaten and challenged to our core when others behave significantly (or even marginally) differently than we do ; and also when others adopt and align with ideas and beliefs that are not quite the same as ours. While I have always been fascinated by the richness and diversity of the ‘human experience spectrum’ on Earth and considered it a great source for introspection and questioning of the many aspects of my ‘identity’, I can see these differences everywhere in the world becoming divisions and chasms that foster separateness. Maybe it is time for us to talk about preferences instead of differences as we are not that different. And at this point, I let Jaylee expand on it, more eloquently and spontaneously than I could .

Recorded on 01/19/2021 – Copyrighted to Jaylee Balch @ InspireSphere.org

In the end, and like Gandhi suggested, let’s be the change we want to see in this world ; by using discernment instead of judgment ; by cherishing our similitudes and oneness… and avoid the trap of comparisons.

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